Passover, Massachusetts

Passover, Massachussets april 2014. This year we were invited to a friends’ house to celebrate “Passover”, and decided to bring two bottles of wine for the occasion. The first one was the typical wine for Passover; Manischewitz. This is a kosher wine, meaning that it has been produced following the Jewish law and blessed by […]

California, Napa Valley

Napa Valley, California. March 2014 California has a fantastic energy! I always liked the mixture of sophistication with informality. Here people of means rub elbows with working class people without an air of superiority. California is a big state in the USA – almost as big as Spain – and Napa Valley is located an […]

Canary Islands

Canary Islands, january 2014 Uno cuando viaja a Canarias, piensa en lo más evidente, buen clima subtropical, playas, hermosos paisajes volcánicos y demás tópicos al uso, y si no que se lo digan a los millones de turistas europeos que pasan en estas islas afortunadas los crudos meses de invierno tumbados en una hamaca al […]