Sight and Color

It is the first of the senses involved in the tasting, sending the brain the first sensations, predisposing the rest of the senses to be able to do the tasting.

sight and colorWhile talking about sight as the first sense that comes into play, for purists and connoisseurs, hearing also acts in parallel because, through it, we appreciate the sound of uncorking, and of the wine’s contact with the glass, that depending on the density, we’ll perceive it as a sharp or muffled gugling. We can also perceive the crackle of the bubbles in sparkling wines (Cava, Champagne, Lambrusco, etc.)

The color of wine is given by the particles in stabilized suspension. Most people are able to perceive between 150 and 200 colors, but when it comes to defining them, each person does it according to a personal perception level.

There is also the problem of describing them, and the only choice for it is to turn to nature and use similarities: red-cherry, yellow-lemon, pink-salmon…

Therefore sight will be responsible for giving us the first information about the wine, color, age, cleanliness, etc. For white wine, the longer the aging process, the more intense the color will be, on the contrary for red wine, the longer the aging process, the lighter the color.


Pale yellow Pale yellow
Straw yellow Straw yellow
Greenish yellow Greenish yellow
Lemon yellow Lemon yellow
Golden yellow Golden yellow
Intense gold Intense gold
Amber Amber


Violet pink Violet pink
Raspberry pink Raspberry pink
Strawberry pink Strawberry pink
Redcurrant pink Redcurrant pink
Salmon pink Salmon pink
Onion peel Onion peel


Purple Purple
Violet red Violet red
Purple red Purple red
Maroon Maroon
Cherry red Cherry red
Ruby red Ruby red
Brick red Brick red