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Trip&Wine begins with no aim other than to modestely contribute to introduce all wines that we can surprisingly find in any place or region we visit, through our pleasure or business travels.

botellasAnyone who claims to be curious and eager to really learn about the place he/she is visiting, feels the imperative need to leave the overused tourist circuits and tries to join the locals to learn about their customs, gastronomy, drinks, as well as interesting spots. As the synthesized proverb says: when in Rome do as the romans do.

If a way to get to know a place and its people is through its gastronomy, indissolubly tied to it are the drinks that accompany the meal, and here is where the wine is basic, since it is a loyal reflexion of the customs, climate, history, and characteristics of the place where it grows and it is produced.

Our Blog is structured from seccions or fixed pages in which we intend to provide all our visitors with basic and complete information of what wine is, how is it made, which are the main varieties, main producing and consuming countries, and finally, what is a wine tasting, and things to take into account to do it right.

Finally, the section Articles and Opinions, is open to your input: stories on your tastings, experiences related to wine that you may have had during your travels, etc. Stories and articles that, you’ll obviously consider interesting to share with all our visitors.

In Trip&Wine We are MERE AMATEURS WHO LOVE GOOD WINE (and sometimes not that good…hic! hic! hurray!), that want to transmit their sensations and discoveries to those who want to share them. So, we invite you all to send us your suggestions, articles or input through our CONTACT form, and rest assured that if they are interesting, we will publish them in our/your blog. Paraphasing Cesar, our motto could be: I Traveled, I Saw and I Drank

Without further ado, we thank you for your visit. Drink from our blog, but with moderation! 🙂

The Trip&Wine Team

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